Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

- Mother Teresa

Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us. 

- Oscar Wilde







Taska Tulip is truly one of a kind in KL - it not only offers a fantastic pre-school education, equipping your child with the phonics, numeracy and writing skills necessary for starting school, but also manages to combine this with PLAY and FUN, which I believe is essential for a pre-school.  At Taska Tulip, you will find ride-on toys, a play-house, sandpit, paddling pool, dress-up clothes and the most essential thing of all - children's laughter!  On top of all this, they also encourage good social skills and I have been amazed by how well all the kids in my daughter's class seem to genuinely love and respect each other.  I highly recommend Taska Tulip!

- Tracey A.

After investigating all the kindergarten options in and around Bangsar area, it was a relief to find Taska Tulip. Although many other schools claim to follow the Montessori method, the atmosphere and attitude of the teachers and principal at Taska Tulip was the most loving and nurturing that we found. We believe the most important thing at this young age is to be surrounded by loving, caring and confident people - if your child is happy, he or she will learn easily without any pressure. This is certainly the experience our daughter has had in this kindergarten, and since joining I feel she has thrived both socially and academically, and is a very happy little girl... what more could a parent ask for?

- Ruth & Stuart Miller

Taska Tulip is more than just a pre school for our daughter. It is her world of sharing, fun learning, play, exploration, skill development, character moulding and much more... And kudos to the remarkable principal & a team of dedicated staff for a job well done!

- Mrs. Zindel

It has been amazing to see my son's progress at Tulip's nursery...from the way he holds the pen to his knowledge about numbers, letters and general knowledge. His attendance at the afternoon activities has been been very positive as he loves Yoga for Kids & the Baking-Cooking Adventure. I recommend Tulip nursery to every new mum I meet and my second child will be starting at Tulip soon.

- Monica

Thank you for taking such good care of our boys over these past two years. Sadly we now have to relocate. They take with them fond memories of their time with you and the various caring 'aunties' at Taska Tulip. The staff are not only dedicated educators but also kind people who are concerned about the well being of the individual child. We are glad we found you.

- Pugh-Fradot family

Tulip is a fantastic school and we are very happy with all the staff involved in making our daughter’s time at nursery a great experience.    Our daughter is a happy, confident little girl who thrives on the learning and creative opportunities offered here.  If you want to see a lot of happy kids every day then take a look at Taska Tulip school.

- Gabrielle L