Our Teachers

Teachers play an important role in the life of a child. That is why at Taska Tulip we only accept teachers who share in our vision for holistic education. Our comprehensive training programme equips them for this task.

It is based upon the inner nature of the child that the role of the teacher is defined...

Our teachers observe the child to determine what is of interest to the child.

They then prepare the environment to meet the observed needs of the child.

It is on the nature of the child and the observed needs of the child, the environment is prepared to serve the child.




Our Philosophy

The Montessori educational philosophy believes that the educational method, to be effective, must support and address the nature of the child.

The nature of the child is not a theoretical construct, but based upon detailed observation of the child.

The main purpose of Taska Tulip is to provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment which will help the child develop an excellent foundation for creative learning.

Therefore, our goal is to...